Restoring Butte


“Restoring Butte” is my effort to help make sense of all the environmental issues and goings-on in Butte, starting and ending with Superfund. Regarding the cleanup here in Butte, this work started more than 30 years ago, so there’s lots of history and still, plenty more to come. I’m also interested in environmental and resource issues and Superfund topics outside of the Clark Fork River basin and Montana – a very broad canvas, indeed! Most of what I cover will be from a factual standpoint, as “news,” so to speak.

I will also occasionally offer my opinions based on my experience. I will do my best to let you know when my content is coming from the direction of news or editorial.

I strongly believe it’s important to learn the facts and let those form the basis of an educated opinion. Likewise, before I offer my advice or opinion, I want readers to know where I’m coming from, so I’ll start with the news approach.

What do I know?

I have a degree in chemistry from Montana Tech and 25 years working in a variety of positions on the Clark Fork Superfund sites and environmental issues in a variety of positions. I’m an award-winning educator and journalist. I’m a published author and former elected official. I’ve served on various public boards and non-profits, including sportsmen and conservation groups. Most recently, I’ve been involved with the Butte cleanup negotiations as the past Chief Executive of Butte-Silver Bow, as well as in a consulting role. I also get to stay involved in the public service sector as one of four citizen appointees to the Montana Environmental Quality Council.

 It is from this broad perspective which I hope to share knowledge and educated opinions – on Superfund, restoration, environmental issues and more topics along these lines. I look forward to sharing and interacting with you in discussion. Please don’t hesitate to send me your questions and comments, or any ideas you’d like me to consider in a future post.  Send me an email at